Answers to your questions

What information will be needed to complete applicant information?

Housing reference-  A history of timely rental payments, abiding by lease policies/rules/regulations, respecting neighbors & the property, and landlords willing to re-rent or renew leases is considered good standing.

Credit Report- each applicant should have no:

Delinquent housing accounts 
Rental judgements 
Outstanding utility bills 
Bankruptcy filings over the past 2 years 
Less than $3,000 past due/ in collections for entire household 
Medical bills and student loans are not considered

Income verification- This is required for all adult members residing in the unit. It may include but is not limited to: paychecks, child support, SSI, proof of recent similar rental payments. To determine if you possibly qualify the typical formula is: (gross income of all adult applicants) X 35% > Established Rent Amount. 
NOTE: 35% used can actually range from 30-50%.

Conviction Records Check- Criminal convictions and the National Sex Offender Registry are checked. To qualify each applicant should have:

No eviction in the last 5 years 
No back rent owed to prior housing providers 
No outstanding balances with prior housing providers related to damage to the property 
No convictions that would be considered a danger to the property or neighbors 
An eviction in process: the application will be held in abeyance until final court disposition

Can I still apply if I've been evicted from my previous landlord?

In order to qualify for residency at The Warehouse Lofts, no tenant may have any evictions on record in the last five years. If applicant is in the process of an eviction, the application will be held in abeyance until final court disposition. This policy may vary state by state depending on what the state permits.

How do I apply for a loft apartment?

Contact us for any availability. If we have a loft open or coming up we will inform you. Application forms will be available online. 

How do I know how much my utilities will cost?

We can give you an idea based on past usage for the unit you are interested in. 

Do I need renters insurance?

Yes! Renters Insurance protects a tenant's belongings from any sort of loss, damage, or peril. While the owner of the building carries insurance the property, that insurance does not cover any tenant's personal belongings. We require that every tenant carry Renter's Insurance to protect himself and his property. For a great article on Renter's Insurance click here: http://www.insure.com/articles/homeinsurance/renters.html

Do you accept credit cards for rent payments?


Do you accept pets?

Pets are permitted on our property. Many times the privilege of keeping a pet is offset by an increased deposit, additional monthly rent, a one-time fee, or a combination of these. Please call the office property manager to get the policies specific to pets.

Is smoking permitted inside the building?

We do NOT allow any sort of smoking inside our units or anywhere inside the building. 

Can I use my security deposit to pay my last months rent?

No. This is a violation of your lease. Security deposits are not to be used as rent payment for any portion of your lease.

When do I get my security deposit back?

Security deposits are to be returned, or notice given as to why the full security deposit will not be returned, within 21-30 days after you moved out.

Where are you going to send my security deposit?

If you did not provided a forwarding address in writing to management, security deposits will be sent to the last known address we have on file for you.